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5 Worrying Signs You Have LOW TESTOSTERONE!!

If you’re a man interested in bodybuilding or fitness, you’ll know the importance of the steroid hormone Testosterone (T). It is essential for male health, fertility, building muscle and losing fat. Think you may have low Testosterone (T)? The only way to know for sure is to go to your doctors and get tested but here are five signs you may have low T:

  1. Lack of Muscle Growth and increased Fat Gain – This is an obvious one! If you’re training hard in the gym and eating right with plenty of protein but not gaining muscle, this could likely be down to you having low T. If you’re also struggling to lose fat, this again can be down to low T. If you have low T, this likely means you have high levels of the female hormone Oestrogen and high levels of the stress hormone Cortisol, both these hormones can cause the body to store fat and make weight loss difficult!
  2. Lack of Energy – If you’re constantly tired and lack energy, this can likely be down to low T. Testosterone gives men a sense of wellbeing, motivation and aggression. Although aggression can of course be a negative emotion and destructive, it can be channelled in many positive ways to achieve your goals. When it comes to weight lifting, a little bit of aggression towards those weights goes a long way and if you don’t feel aggression in the gym, you likely have low Testosterone.
  3. Depression – Men with Low T are very susceptible to depression. Like mentioned earlier, Testosterone gives us a sense of wellbeing and motivation. If you’re feeling down and lethargic, antidepressants might not be the solution and perhaps you should look into getting your hormones tested instead.
  4. Difficulty Sleeping – Testosterone keeps us men healthy and has many functions in the body. If you know anyone who has been put on Testosterone injections, they will probably tell you how they now sleep like a baby. Many guys who take a zinc and magnesium supplement before bed time find it improves their sleep. This is very likely down to the fact that zinc and magnesium are key to helping your body make Testosterone!
  5. Lack of Sex Drive – Testosterone is the male sex hormone. It gives men a sex drive, that’s one of its main purposes! Remember going through puberty and having a raging sex drive as a teenager? Well that’s because your Testosterone was very high! If you have a low sex drive and have trouble getting erections, this is one of the clearest signs you have low T.

Are you showing any signs of Low Testosterone? Well don’t worry, there are many solutions. You can of course go to your doctor and discuss your possible options, this is your best option if you think you have seriously low Testosterone. However, you can increase your Testosterone by making some lifestyle and diet changes. You may simply need to cut down on alcohol, stop smoking or get more sleep at night. You may be deficient in a particular nutrient such as zinc, magnesium or vitamin D, which you can easily supplement with. It’s hard to know exactly what’s going wrong and that’s why it’s best to take a shotgun approach and completely optimise your body for maximum testosterone production! That’s why I designed my Hormonal Manipulation Plan, to optimise your testosterone and other vital hormones through diet, training, lifestyle and supplementation for improved health, muscle gain and fat loss! You can purchase it HERE, but it comes FREE with every full price clothing order from !

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The Key to a MASSIVE Chest!!


Part of my key series, today you will learn how to get a massive chest! A well-built chest is what most guys dream of and is the reason why they step into the gym, after all who doesn’t love chest day?! Here are the keys to building your chest:

Forget the barbell and say hello to the dumbbells! I recently posted about this on my Facebook page, dumbbells train the chest far more effectively than a barbell. So, make sure you are doing your dumbbell bench press! With dumbbells, you get a full contraction of each pectoral muscle and each side works independently and will help balance out your chest if one side is bigger. Dumbbells also are far more challenging as they recruit more stabilising muscles giving you much harder workout!

Try dips! Dips are an old-school chest exercise that can do wonders for your chest if done properly. The key is to lean forward so your chest is doing the work rather than the triceps, you will know when it’s working because you will feel it deep in the pecs!

Don’t go too heavy! Guys love to go heavy on the bench press whether it’s with the barbell or some dumbbells they love to show off on chest day. Heavy chest training certainly has its place but you won’t get much growth if you’re doing 1 or 2 reps with a heavy weight with poor form. Remember the optimal rep range for growth is 8-12 reps, keep this in mind!

There are 3 keys that can make all the difference to whether your chest grows or not, so next time it’s chest day, leave your ego at the door and train smartly to get that chest you deserve!

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