generic cytotec without prescription canada When it comes to fitness and bodybuilding everyone thinks about their training, their protein needs and their supplements. What they tend to neglect is how much water they are drinking.

enter Water plays a huge role in how we build muscle, lose fat, perform in the gym and how our bodies look! After all everyone knows most our body is made of water so it’s importance cannot be overexaggerated!

The metabolic functions of our cells all take place in a water based environment therefor staying hydrated can massively help with fat loss and a better hydrated muscle will be stronger, recover faster and ultimately grow better!

Staying hydrated will also help prevent injury, a dehydrated muscle is much more likely to be strained or torn when trained!

What a lot of people don’t know is how water intake can drastically change how your body looks on a DAILY basis! When there is a lack of water, our bodies go into ‘drought’ mode and start storing water as there is a shortage. Some of this water will be stored under our skin which will hide your muscle definition and six pack. You may suddenly think you have gained fat but in fact its water that’s making you look soft and bloated!

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day will signal our bodies that there is plenty of water coming so there is no need to store it and hence our bodies will flush the water from under our skin and we will look more ripped and toned than ever before!

For most active people, I recommend drinking around 3-4 litres of water per day, if you live in a hot country or exercise excessively you may need to drink more!

Stay hydrated, look your best and be healthy!

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